The Archives

What's In A Name
12.08.16 Chicken Scratch.

Getting a Handle on Thanksgiving
11.23.16 I can do it with one hand tied behind my back.

Hanging Over
11.10.16 I can't believe it's over.

The Price of Opportunity
10.27.16 A dream almost fullfilled.

Why Worry?
10.13.16 I don't care who's finger is on the button, it is not that easy.

Putting the Debate to Bed
09.29.16 Soon I will able to get some sleep.

Now We Are 21
09.15.16 Am I an adult yet?

Computers: A Love Story
09.01.16 Keeping your enemies closer.

Going For Brass
08.18.16 My Olympic dreams.

Cruise Control
08.04.16 This is what happens when you become a nonagenarian.

Pokemon Politics Go!
07.21.16 Gotta Catch Em All!

For Your Eyes Only
07.07.16 You didn't read it here.

A Bad Hair Day
06.23.16 Even pets have them.

Prelude To A Kiss
06.09.16 There is a first for everything.

A Winning Note
05.12.16 Chalk up another.

Driving Aloud
04.28.16 Vocal coaching.

How Ya Doin?
04.14.16 When good is good.

Follicle Follies
03.24.16 It's my hair and it's real.

Hitting The Sauce
03.10.16Finding the secret ingredient.

Alone Together
02.18.16 Ahh, the things we do for love.

Super Nostalgia
02.04.16 Here we go again. Sort of.

Easy Come Easy Go
01.21.16 What's a billion dollars among friends?

The Year In Review
01.07.16 Why wait?

The Giving Test
12.10.15 Generosity can be more than skin deep.

My Little Runaway
11.12.15 Long may she run.

Nobody On
10.29.15 Another Ho Hum World Series for me.

Breaking Murphy Bad
10.15.15 Sometimes it just works.

Trumping The Pope
09.24.15 Be careful what you wish for.

A Good Summer Read
09.10.15 Now that school has started it is time to start reading again.

All The Right Notes
08.27.15 At least my kids can play them.

A Clean Start
07.29.15 The appliances of our lives.

Planet Lite
07.16.15 A long way to go for ice.

My Favorite Child
06.18.15 A confession.

Call Me Him
06.04.15 At least I am not confused about who I am.

A Picture of Emotion
05.13.15 Words just can't express how I feel.

A Driver Moment
04.23.15 Soon it will be possible to rest in peace behind the wheel.

Wrapping Up March
04.01.15 Only a fool would would fall for this.

The End of Pi
03.12.15 Thank god it only comes once a century.

Framing The Moment
02.26.15 Lights. Camera. Fail.

A Valentine's Day Massacre
02.12.15 There are just some things I don't want to talk about.

Super Bowl Ex-lax (XLIX)
01.29.15 Take a tums time out for the big game.

Dude No More
01.21.15 I am off the ranch.

The True Meaning Of January
01.08.15 The spirit of the season moves me.

Rudolph Revisited
12.18.14 Where is he now?

Zero Dark Thursday
11.26.14 Just when you thought it was safe to have dinner.

Learning Karma
11.13.14 Groping in the dark for enlightenment.

Fear Itself
10.31.14 Steven King has nothing to worry about from me.

Reunited Again
10.16.14 It is never too late for a high school reunion.

Jump Frog, Jump
10.02.14 Sometimes you are the student, sometimes you are the frog.